As the biggest retailer in the world, is a popular source for product information. Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer Open Graph tags for easy scraping of product data. Using, it is now possible to get that information without having to write your own cumbersome web-scraping tool.

Let’s say you’d like information on a kid’s plush toy

First, we can see that Amazon displays Production Information on the page, but it’s difficult for developers to access it without doing quite a bit of DOM traversal

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This post will talk a bit about thinking like a developer before diving into a collection of some common keyboard shortcuts.

Philosophy (feel free to skip this part)

Lazy Koala
Lazy Koala
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“git pull! git pull! git pull!”

I love that laziness is a virtue for programmers, so when I found myself running git pull commands on the same repo over and over, I knew it was time to automate it. In this post, I’m going to review a couple git basics, give a *brief* introduction to Mac system processes and AppleScripts, and then finally explain the actual script I’m running to automate the git pulls. Oh yeah, there’s some bonus stuff at the end too. Before diving in, here’s a screenshot of the final script:

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full stack web developer. trying not to get picked last at the pickup 🏀 game // he/him

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